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Friday, 08 June 2018


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You're a Gentleman and a scholar, David.

I wasn't as forgiving on a post last year and still wonder if I was right - (I was)...

Oh, come on, Scrobbers, which post - where?

I was very sad to read Charles Krauthammer's letter, he was by far the best columnist and panel member on Special Report and I kept hoping he would return. I really miss Fox News, live streaming is unreliable and, given the time difference, inconvenient. Didn't see any reduction in cost when they removed a station I am paying for.

Those of us who do, will pray for him. A good man.

The longer Charles was absent from Special Report the more I feared something like this was behind it.

Sad news and (being selfish) I see he was born just one week before me.

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