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Friday, 22 June 2018


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Vale Bill Speakman VC. The inscription on the Cross "For Valour" has to be one of the greatest understatements of all time.

That first one is wonderful.

OT, for which apologies, but some time ago you put me onto Professor Margaret Macmillan and Peacemakers, which I read with interest and even feel I may have learned something. I see she is delivering the Reith Lectures this year starting on Tuesday at 9.00am on Radio 4. I'm not a fan of the BBC (even Radio 3 is going downhill) but I pass that on in case it is of interest.

Thanks, JK, I shall enjoy reading those later on.

Also, thanks to you, Mike, and I will do my best to catch her talks.

Charles Krauthammer was always about the ideas and never about the attack on those who disagreed with him. As a result, he had friends and people who respected him on all sides. In early adulthood he was a liberal Democrat but later evolved into a Conservative with the arrival of Reagan who was once a Democrat himself. It was "the Kraut" who coined the term 'Reagan Doctrine' for dealing with the USSR and its tentacles. All will miss him.

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