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Friday, 27 July 2018


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We are a very large island with a very small population and so we walk a tightrope diplomatically.
Trying to keep a low profile ain't easy in these times and, of course, most of our politicians are imbeciles, which doesn't help.
Nevertheless, we are just trying to mind our own business but you can't make everybody happy.
We don't need another war.

As Andra said above, Australia is in a rather sticky situation. Even so, they have been building up their naval assets and working on their military.

I don't think 'The Don' has to threaten them for them to do the right thing and protect themselves.

I don't think 'The Don' has to threaten them for them to do the right thing and protect themselves.

We have never backed off from a fight and Oz, while a large island as Andra says, is not an easy target due to its topography, size and largely hostile nature.

I would however like to see our "imbeciles" put more into the defence budget. Leasing a bunch of the retired Los Angeles Class submarines from the US would be a good start.


You'd be better off buying subs from South Korea or Japan. The new diesel/electric boats are actually scaring the carp out of the nuke sub people. Smaller, cheaper, better able sneak. Y'all don't need super-long-range fleet boats. You need short to mid-range fleet boats.

Of course, not needing to refuel, just re-supply, is a nice feature of the LA class, that and the vertical launch cells in the later flights.

Crikey! It looks as though we have a couple of sailors 'on shore'! Better watch out, Ladies!

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