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Thursday, 28 April 2005


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ooh ... too tempting.

I could get into a long debate about my ill-expressed opinions (yes, I am quite happy to accept my writing isn't all it should be - forgive me: I have not long come out of having to write a PhD in the humanities: deeply ironic smile.) I'll try not to because other more eloquent bloggers can probably explain things better than I can. Suffice to say that I do not believe in inculcating anyone into my beliefs, merely opening possibilities for engaging with debates, not accepting anything at face value, critically analysing all sides of debates and considering the evidence/ideas that support them. That is what education can and should encourage. The right is no less prone to undermining those who disagree with them than the left (but do so from the left is frequently vociferously criticised as a fundamental attack on 'correct thinking').

I would just like to correct one remark:
"pays her considerable wages and her forthcoming pension-for-life" - erm, no actually. I am on a very fixed term contract. I expect any pension accumulated by the time I retire will be much less than modest due to the erratic nature of my employment history (see

Also, no kids. Am sure you will find something to criticise in me not breeding... (again, ironic smile). So that makes me a hard-working, but not part of a family, worker: a status that probably renders me non-human under most of the major political parties...

Ahhh … proselytising teachers, dedicated to moulding the pliant minds of Youth. Happy days.

How well I remember the Head of Sixth Form who used to play us all his records of “We Can Work It Out” and “Give Peace A Chance” in assemblies during the Falklands war. “You’re the most right-wing sixth form I’ve ever met,” he used to fume, apparently believing this would startle or perturb us, as the boys filed out to mark up the morning tally of crossed-out fighter planes, Belgranos etc on the blackboard before class.

Teenagers can spot propaganda coming a mile off in my experience; it’s more likely to be counter-productive than anything.

You should welcome these posts, David!

THanks, Hilary, you restore my faith in the low nature, cunning and intrinsic intelligence of your average sixth former.

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