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Sunday, 12 June 2005


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David, you've been meme'd, so get your sweet sorry ass over to my site and pick up from there.

Reidski, it isn't just the charm and elegance(!) of your invitation that forces me to decline, it is also the unfortunate circumstance that I haven't the remotest idea what the questions mean! Oddly enough, I had meant to mention these irritating, and terminally boring, questionaires that are doing the rounds in my Sunday Rumble, but the 'little memsahib' started rumbling herself and I was forced to quit. It was 'la Rullsenberg', wittering and twittering at warp factor 10, that put me off them for good. The are, really and truly, an ego trip , and a chance to show off your cultural accoutrements, er, that is, using the word 'cultural' in the widest possible sense.

So, Reidski, no offence but as our American cousins might put it - go 'meme' yourself!

Memes are also good for providing instant content for lazy/busy bloggers such as myself.

Although this one might be a bit more up your street:

Thanks, Jez, I skimmed the responses from your friend Rochenko to his quiz, as I also skimmed those from other bloggers such as 'la Rullsenberg', and I have come to the conclusion that they have the same characteristics as the replies to sex surveys - everyone lies - a lot!

lazy cunt

Lazy writer, Reidski, you forgot the capital 'L' and the full stop, or perhpas you didn't know!

stupid cunt

David, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

Perhaps, Rochenko, 'lie' was too strong, maybe 'fib' would have been better. Anyway, 'I know for a fact', as the man in the saloon bar always says, that people in sex surveys tell fibs because their sex lives are always better than mine!

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