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Tuesday, 26 July 2005


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The library has probably passed your name on to the relevant authorites, too.

Oh my God! I thought the old, librarian looked at me rather hard yesterday. That Larry has lot to answer for!

You know, I did wonder when you agreed to read something Larry recommended, given the, say, name of his blog...

Sorry you didn't enjoy it David, I've put up a post about it (, explaining what I was up to...

Exquisite Corpse, I take it?

Well, Lorna, the book was a 'corpse', but 'exquisite' it was not, more like excruciating. Yes, that was the title.

I think you should read Lost Souls, Drawing Blood and The Lazarus Heart, so that you can say you have a fully-informed opinion on Ms. Brite. *ducks*

It might cheer you up to learn that she now writes about New Orleans chefs, instead, and her LiveJournal is full of food and ornithology.

You may be right, Lorna, but you are assuming that I want, or need, or even have the stomach for, "a fully-informed opinion on Ms. Brite". And as for her writing a book on food and ornithology, well, the mind boggles! "A Hundred Ways to Stuff a Duck", or "Fun Things to do with a Turkey". My chances of going to New Orleans were always slim, but have now vanished.

But what do you think of her books?

I'm a fan. Though even she reckons Exquisite Corpse wandered over into self-parody - I prefer Drawing Blood. I've only read one of her newer gentler books - Liquor - but it was rather sweet.

Nah, she doesn't write books on ornithology, just LJ posts. Her new books focus on a couple of chefs opening their own restaurant. Although her LJ posts about food contain graphic descriptions of eating brains and foie gras, so I think perhaps you have a point and she hasn't completely renounced her old ways.

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