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Sunday, 21 August 2005


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Looks like you're doing a good job keeping it under control so far.

I can but try!

You're absolutely right, Duff. I do hate the illegal Israeli settlers. This is because, unlike 'any group of 8,500 people anywhere in the world', these people in their very daily existence, *definitionally and occupationally* pursue the expropriation and oppression of Palestinians. That is what the settlers are for, what their choice to move to stolen land and participate in the ongoing subjection of those cleansed from it signifies.

Some people are worth hating, you see, not for who they are but for what they do. Your disingenuous demurral from hatred constitutes nothing more than moral abdication, tepid squeamishness masquerading as principle.

I don't hate you though, Duff. I pity you, because I suspect somewhere down in that shriveled soul of yours you secretly know you've failed, given up on the only big imperative: to be a decent human being with a conscience who cares about the fate of others. So you spend your time seeking out those who haven't given up and jabbing away at them, trying desperately to prove to yourself that the whole project is hopeless anyway, that you didn't really sell the only precious thing that made you human and worth anything. Sorry, my friend, but you did, and all your petty snipping at the left won't buy it back.

And I bet some of you thought I was exagerating! Well now you know, and straight from the horse's mouth, er, if I have the right end that is.

She's a decent human being.

She hates!!!!!

Thats left wing for logic.


Your hatred borders on psychosis. So much so that if a few years after you graduate from medical school I hear that law enforcement are tearing up floorboards in some middle-class US city suburb and wondering who the challenger to Harold Shipman’s record is, it’ll be no surprise to me.

You’re so disturbing that I actually dreamt of you the other night. Having recently read Martin Amis’s book “Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million” the identical characteristics of the socialist and national socialist holocausts are all too painfully obvious. With one exception: that revolting psychotic “Irma Grese”, who could easily lay claim to being the “ideal national socialist woman”. She vented her racial hatred and psychosis on the extermination camp inmates and is unequalled, so far as I can tell, by a female socialist equivalent. So here’s a place for you in history BO, as my dream foretold! : -

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: BO – the ideal socialist woman, standing at the gates of Kolyma, goading her condemned on their road to agony and oblivion, venting her class and Israeli hatred, revelling in her ability to “x-ecute” real and not just virtual people!”, went the nightmares compere.

My reverie had just got to the point where your medical experiments were about to start when the terror mercifully jolted me into consciousness and a sleepless night.

So you got me banned from McLenin’s tomb and made me late for work in one fell swoop. Bitch.

Son of Duff

Seriously, though, you gotta love BO, haven't you? She's funnier than a blind orphan in a minefield. She genuinely believes that she is "a decent human being with a conscience who cares about the fate of others" when anyone who reads her hate-fuelled diatribes can see that she is precisely the opposite. Winston Smith had to be threatened with having his face gnawed off by rats before he achieved this state of self-denial. In BO's case, I suspect that all it took was a bottle of Thunderbird and a late-night chat with a husky Arab med student. That line about "tepid squeamishness masquerading as principle" could have come straight from one of Stalin's speeches. 'Koba the Dread' is too, too salient. You can just see BO rounding up the kulaks, can't you? As they were starved, beaten and shot, she would be urging on her more 'squeamish' comrades, and reminding them that demurring from hatred is a moral abdication.

What a truly repulsive person she must be. Let us give thanks that she is in Indiana, where she can pose away to her adolescent heart's content, before she grows up and realises just what a tit she made of herself.

To paraphrase the immortal J Giles Band,

"You hate her
But she hates him
And he hates somebody else
You know you just can't win
And so it goes
'Til the day you die...
This thing they call hate
Is gonna make you cry
I Got the Blues, the Reds and the Pinks...all I can say is...HATE STINKS"

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