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Saturday, 06 August 2005


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Dear David

Please do not post on my blog again. Your comments there are unwelcome. I am serious. Please do not do it.


Dear David

You have been asked not to post on my blog and yet you have done so nonetheless. You will NOT do so again.


Will the real David Duff please stand up?

I've been meaning to respond to your comment on my blog since I received, there are actually two of us, eh? Can the world stand it?

BTW, I haven't had a lot of time to read your blog, but from what I've seen, you sound a lot like me! Now, if you have an older brother named Darrell who like to play dominoes, I'm going to be really scared.

P.S.--And just who is this Justin that you keep harrassing? :)

Apologies to both the commenters above. Normally, I am advised by e-mail when anyone comments but my ISP is obviously playing up and I have only just (Sat morning) picked up these comments.

Justin, not, I am sure, that you care, but you have been moved to my Street of Shame (see above). Even so, I still think your writing is of a very high standard. I also hope, sincerely, that, if not happy, you are at least able to come to terms with your unhappiness.

David Duff? You are a fraud, Sir, and an imposter! I'm David Duff! Seriously, David, welcome and let me assure you that I do not have a brother - of any sort, thank God! Is your radio station on the web? Please let me know and I will make a point of listening in. Us, David Duffs must stick together!

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