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Thursday, 18 August 2005


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"There were good and sufficient reasons to go to war with Saddam. Everyone in the world, including Saddam himself, thought that Iraq had WMD. However, Blair exaggerated, or lied, take your pick, about the strength and the efficacy of these weapons, whilst hiding the true reason for the war. "

I'm curious about these three sentences.

Saying that Iraq had WMD, is a lot like saying someone entered a local school carrying a weapon. The exact type of weapon possessed in each case is of particular interest. If it is mustard gas or a pocket knife, it is not exactly front page news, and indeed should provoke a different reaction to say, a nuclear weapon or an assault rifle.

So while it was true that everyone thought that Saddam had WMD, what we were told and sold over hear was that it was WMD of the nuclear variety, as very few in this country were going to do much about WMD of the poison gas variety.

That seems to be the point you were making in the third sentence, but contradicts the first sentence a little.

Perhaps the answer lies in "...hiding the true reason for the war."

What is the true reason for the war?


Sorry, Jack, for a slightly late response. I accept your implied criticism of the rather lazy use of terms like 'WMD'. I think that everyone, including Saddam, thought he had chemical and/or biological weapons. These weapons are not as effective in battlefield conditions as some believe,a nd anyway, his delivery systems were short range. However, if he provided the technology to terrorist groups to use in London or New York, etc, he could plead total ignorance whilst watching the panic and chaos that would ensue. I believed that was a strong possibility and that was enough for me to support the war.

However, there were good and sufficient other reasons to go to war. As I have written elsewhere, Saudi Arabia is very delicately poised and it is essential that the USA has strong bases immediately next to that country in order to influence what goes on there. The failure of US/UK policy to grip the Iraq situation is a failure of nerve on our part for which we will all suffer in the long run. Already, the Iranians are thumbing their noses at us as they set about going nuclear. Again, perforce, we will have to rely on the Israelis to do our dirty work for us.

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