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Saturday, 13 August 2005


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"the act of writing gives away so much more about you than perhaps you are aware". Oh bugger.

Quite so, 'dearieme', couldn't have put it better myself!

Terrible, this talk of just making people disappear. Much better to torture them first, eh David? Sorry, I meant: Much better to subject them to harsh treatment first, eh David?

Would it be okay to 'disappear' people if they're a threat to our way of life? Perhaps we need to work on making the distinction between 'dissapearance' and 'undislosed detention'?

'Smith' makes a good point, slyly. However, without rehearsing all my arguments from the posts below, I think I made the context of my position clear; and anyway, it was more the ferocity of 'Rosa Klebb's' comments and (to use a theatrical analogy, 'daaarling') the sub-text rather than the exact and literal translation that I objected to.

'N.I.B.' makes a rather deeper point than perhaps he realised. In a struggle for survival (which 'Rosa Klebb' was not referring to), then indeed, you must make your enemy "disappear" by fair means or foul. The key phrase is, of course, "a struggle for survival".

I did realise, thanks. There's nothing wrong with being taciturn...



Pater: hear, hear!

The Trot-crèche are always the most indignant when threatened with violence and the most eager to dish it out. Just look at their gorgeous leader: -

One rule for him -

And one rule for the rest of us –



Son of Duff

Good grief: nine comments before we get to George Galloway. Is this a record?

That humour-tumoured witch Bionic Octopus has got me banned from my second favourite blog (this being the first of course) for being “sexist/racist/homophobic”!

The two missing "banned" comments in her "You Tell' Em, Jenny" 20/8/05 posting on which got me turfed-off were as follows: -

“Bi-Octopussy: after the revolution, do you reckon socialist coppers will achieve better than a 56:1 ratio, under similar circumstances, or worse?”

“Bi-Octopussy: I think you’re being a bit precious Luv, or maybe those eight legs of yours are getting you in a bit of a knicker-twist; McLenin’s made of sterner stuff than a James Bond movie - I hope (if not, a yellow normally precedes a red, eh?).”

Not exactly Bernard Manning in full swing was it? McLenin obviously fancies her.

“Why, this it is, when men are ruled by women:”

Son of Duff

Except that I often find myself wishing that evangelists, chuggers, people flogging insurance, mobile phones, etc, in malls, would just "disappear".
That doesn't make me General Galtieri. I don't think they should be killed, I just want them to piss off out of my sight.
That seems the normal, sensible, reading of "disappear", as written by Bionic Octopus (disclaimer: I have no idea who she is, and care less).
So she said "disappear". Whoo bloody pee. I'm not shocked. I suspect someone pretending to be shocked, for "gotcha" purposes, is being dis-in-gen-u-ous.


use of the word disappea

No, Laon, you are obviously a kind-hearted, generously disposed sort of chap, but let me tell you, when 'BionOc' writes "disappear", she means permanently! If you doubt, read her comment to my post on 'Pity', up above; or better still, read her very own words on her blog in which she makes a joke of the stabbing to death of a Jew in Jerusalem. She'll die laughing, that girl, with a bit of luck.

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