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Thursday, 11 August 2005


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Can I go on the roll of honour, can I can I can I please! I've never banned you!

Of course, I appreciate that as a non-trot I might be disqualified... But thinking about it, I did have them the other day thanks to barbecued food...

Watch it, N.I.B., you're in enough trouble as it is. First off, when are you going to do some work on your own blog? I'm fed up with re-reading the sad tale of your wretched Sunday roast. Second, don't think your earlier question asking me what I actually like about modern Britain has been ignored. It's like a bloody pebble in my shoe. It's been festering away at the back of what passes for my mind ever since you posed it. Eventually a post on the subject will erupt. In the meantime, you could be the first blogger to be kicked into my Street of Shame for raising awkward questions!

You could always put me in for having a rubbish blog!

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