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Sunday, 23 October 2005


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"Whatever it takes" is a pretty nasty prescription too, isn't it?

Both slogans are dreadful in their implications, 'Dearieme', but not wrong. Clausewitze points out the necessity for war to be waged ruthlessly in order for an outcome to brought about as quickly as possible. Of course, he was writing in a time where there was no strategic or tactical advantage in deliberately attacking civilians - although, a 'scorched earth' policy came close.

As far as I can judge, Zakhari and his cohorts are seeking to inflame a civil war between Sunnis and Shias which is their only path to power. Such a conflagration combined with American casualties is likely to cause the Americans to throw up their arms in despair, and depart. To achieve this aim, the whole of Iraqi society must be de-stabilised by vicous attacks on *civilians*. It ain't pretty, but war ever was.

However, the truly sickening sight is that of Meaders and his SWP fascists urging ruthlessness on the part of Zakhari, but denigrating any response from the Americans. You could call his attitude 'Nelsonian', if it weren't so corrupt.

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