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Sunday, 09 October 2005


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Hmmm, Sinatra and Shakespeare, an interesting notion that's worth considering. Gives a new slant to 'Mack the Knife' I suppose.

About the Miesr nonination.

Mostly the conservatives are upset right now. The have been burned several times by nominees who seemed conservative enough but turned out to be a little left of left wing. The real preference is for someone who has solid public conservative credentials and has maintained them despite harsh criticism and maybe career damage. The principle is likely strongly held and not likely to change. Roberts had the first, and looks solid even if he hasn’t been hit hard over them.

Miers, who is apparently a competent lawyer , is publicly an unknown on both counts, though given the time she has worked for Bush she is probably been reasonable solid.

Bush has a dilemma. The “republican moderates” in the senate are not likely to support a fight to nominate a conservative with a partisan record. He cannot get a nominee through without their votes.

Roberts was good solution to the dilemma. Miers???

Bush puts on the “good ole went Texas country boy” act, but don’t believe it; He is a very sharp political tactician, master of the bluff, feint, and side step, changing means while not losing sight of his goal. Whether or not it is Miers, the smart odds are he will end up with the type of candidate he wants.

"Songs for Swinging Lovers" is a knockout album I agree, and probably my favourite Sinatra album - at the moment. However a frind of mine whose judgement I trust tells me that Frank's collaborations with Count Basie are even better (e.g, but I haven't yet heard them so can't comment.

Congratulations David on finally being right about something.

"Congratulations David on finally being right about something."

Well, Larry, sooner or later it happens for each of us - er, do let me know when it's your turn, won't you!

Thanks for the tip on the Basie/Sinatra, it will be my Xmas present to me! I was listening to Basie's 'One O'clock Jump' the other day - just terrific. I'm no jazz expert but I can't help wondering if John Lewis of the MJQ wasn't influenced by Basie's piano technique of paring everything down to the minimum without ever losng that rhythm? For me, they're two of the greatest jazz pianists of all-time.

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