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Friday, 28 October 2005


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I might even have agreed with you on this one David.

I might have done, if you hadn't reminded me during the course of your post of the staggering witlessness you showed at the time of the demise of Shot-by-both-Sides, an event which you now misleadingly construe as follows: "some-one had threatened to inform John Band's employers concerning his scabrous comments on Jews". Shameful.

So I think that on balance, given your propensity to stand up for blackmailers when you dislike their victims, I'll agree with Ed instead that you're a hypocrite who has "no understanding of the theory or philosophy surrounding the idea of free speech", and that as often as not you're more of "a wind-up merchant" than anything else.

You should not interpret this comments as me agreeing with Ed on anything else however.

You know, I've got that deja vu feeling all over again!

I'll add one thing--

If you care to, you can go back and examine the entire record of correspondence between your father and me, and you will never see an exchange like this.

Although we had differing opinions, your father and I discussed them with respect for one another. I'm sad to witness your inability to do the same.

Jack - you knew David's father? How old are you for heaven's sake?

Now Duff. This was your attitude to John Band:

"I would not lift a finger to defend John Band for the remark he made in the context in which he made it unless the re-action against him was unlawful."

So can we expect that you might have a similar disposition to the infinitely more detestable BNP?

No. Over at Rooksby's site you're busy boo-hoo-ing that the poor little darlings will be denied

"a fair trial free from external influence in which a jury can contemplate both sides of an argument in tranquility" because "there will be a large anti-fascist demonstration outside the court".

Yes a *completely lawful* anti-fascist demonstration.

So though you refuse to lift a finger to help Band, your friends in the BNP can be grateful to you for your support.

The day Mr Duff takes on some actual Neo-Nazis and Jihadis rather than his usual diet of students and limp-wristed liberals is the day I'll believe he's not just a wind-up merchant.

"You know, I've got that deja vu feeling all over again!"

Hmm, me too.....!

"You know, I've got that deja vu feeling all over again!"

Me three.

Well YOU shouldn't have brought the subject up then David.

What's wrong with being a wind-up merchant, anyway? Better that than a sanctimonious poltroon with zero sense of humour.

Sorry, lady and gentlemen, for reasons I have explained in a new post, I have been rather lax in the last week.

Larry, I have no intention of re-visiting the John Band 'Shock-Horror' story simply because I have written all that I have to say on the subject.

N.I.B., nice to have you back, I was beginning to worry about you. Thought you might have caught something dreadful in one of those awful Bath restaurants you go to. You will be happy to see above that I have taken on the mighty Oliver Kamm, the heavy-weight champion of the blogosphere!

Julia, just take an aspirin and the feeling will go away - until the next load of blather from Larry!

'Andy M' is obviously a scholar and a gentleman.

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