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Tuesday, 06 December 2005


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I thought it might be fair to post the link so that people can make up their own minds.

Thanks, Art, I think! Personally I can't bring myself to link to her any more. It's enough that I have to keep getting dressed up in my NBC suit to go and check her site.

Yeah - almost as bad as quipping that environmental deserve to find themselves on the end of sSaddam-esque torture.

Or expressing a desire to run over Irishmen with a BMW.

Larry - not quite with you on that one, perhaps you could remind me of the reference.

Cal - *I* wasn't expressing a desire to run over an Irishman in a BMW - *he* was wishing it for himself. I merely offered, in my affable, obliging way, ot do it for him.

Ah now, David. Don't be a dick.

Lawrence Duff, here:

On the “recommendation” (if that is the right word) of David and the commenters I went and read her post. When one subtracts the gratuitous rudeness, aweful satire, and to use her word “hateful” attitude, she does have point. But for it being recommended I would not have read far enough to find it. And I would suspect that an audience that puts up with, or even enjoys her style might have trouble recognizing the point.

Hank: "...I would suspect that an audience that puts up with, or even enjoys her style might have trouble recognizing the point."


Sorry, gentlemen, been away!

Larry, you'll have to be more specific than that. I'm not ploughing through all that statistical garbage again! Remember, I haven't even got an 'O' level in Sums!

Hank, of course she has a point. She dislikes some-one intensely. So do I. Her! But I would not suggest that she be "thrashed within an inch of [her] life", nor would I purr that it would "make me feel better". She needs a doctor!

'She who must be obeyed' took one look at me this morning - trying to talk with my tongue stuck to the pillow and a dead arm flailing around like a flipper - and thought I'd had a stroke. For one horrific moment I concurred. But thankfully no, 'Night Nurse' and the Mother of head colds is all it was.

And then someone on Five-live pronounced that the NHS is paying doctors so much (GP’s £100k plus) that even American medics are considering a career in Blighty. The thought of being tended to by the newly qualified 'Irma Grese of Socialism' crossed my dreamscape. What a frightful start to the week.

Son of Duff

Thou poltroon - it's Lady MACbeth, not McBeth!

Forgive me, Sire, the quality of mercy is not strained - I hope?

(Exit SL, head hanging, to edit the post title!)

It's a small "b" in "Macbeth", not big "B" ... but you're nearly there.
Merry Christmas, and commiserations on having to live in the 21st century.

Oh shit!!!! I'm off to throw myself on my quill pen.

Actually, I've just thought of a good let-off. Shakespeare probably spelt it five different ways!

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