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Tuesday, 24 January 2006


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There are two ways in which that can be looked at. Neither of them good.

One is reminiscent of recent allegations against the BNP, that (non-white) immigrants are lazy blights on British society.

Another is that all poor people are that way because it is their own fault, being lazy drug addicts by default.

I'm not sure you want to be espousing either view, David, both being horribly ignorant, revisionist and stupid.

This one is way, way beneath you.

Well, Simon, like all satirical fables people will read into it what they want to read. Thus, *you* immediately assume it is an attack on "the poor" which it is not, it is an attack on the feckless (which is rather different), after all, one might suppose that the ant was poor to begin with but he worked whilst the grasshopper played. Also, it is an attack on those who immediately rush to hand out (other people's) money to anyone who is 'poor' irrespective of causes or responsibilities.

The final paragraph takes a side-swipe at *some* immigrants, but are you suggesting that the murderous actions of, say, Jamaican 'Yardie' gangs who run the streets of our city centres are not to be parodied? I am a white, middle-class re-actionary and everyone takes the piss out out of me - and I never complain!

OK, in that case the tale is simply ridiculous. An attack on "the feckless"? That well lamented social ill. The message is therefore "Being feckless ruins people's lives. Don't be feckless, unless you live in Britain where it pays and only ruins the lives of hard-workers"

I stand corrected. That it resembles far too closely right-wing, linear, individualistic and blinded views of society, poverty and human dignity, and long-standing arguments levied agaisnt those who would seek to amend the horrific status quo is just a coincidence, or one foolinsh lefty's reading of a benign joke.

One question...why mention immigrants at all? Why not (the majority of) good old-fashioned white male Britosh criminals?

Excuse typing.

"so he dies out in the cold"

Quite right. Anyone too lazy (or unwell or unlucky) to take care of themselves should be left to die. Simple as that.

Simon writes: 'The message is therefore "Being feckless ruins people's lives. Don't be feckless, unless you live in Britain where it pays and only ruins the lives of hard-workers"' I have tried jolly hard to fault that summation but, no, I think Simon has got it dead right (er, if you'll excuse the word 'right').

Also he askes, "Why mention immigrants at all?" to which I can only reply, "Why not?" Whilst agreeing with Simon that similar sentiments could be expressed concerning white British criminals, in this case the writer chose not to do so, presumably because he is not in favour of immigration, an opinion that is usually shared by the majority of indigenous peoples all over the world. If you doubt me, just ask the remnants of, say, the American Indians, north and south or the Maoris.


The Grasshopper Protective Assoication is preparing a suit for libel, slander, and defimation of character.

I hope truth is a sufficnt defense in the UK.

I doubt you.

You use "immigration" in a very loose sense when discussing the Maoris and Native Americans. (Add Australian Aboriginals, the people of Diego Garcia, Irish, Indians, Aztecs, Incas...etc)

Colonialism has its own word. Annexation also has one. Invasion another. Theft also springs to mind.

In relation to Native Americans, specifically, what you term "immigration" is one of the greatest acts of genocide ever witnessed. Which also has its own word. I doubt that, if asked, "immigration" would be the first word to srping to their minds when seeking the cause of their near destruction.

I find this story totally implausible. Ants living in mansions? Come on!

The indigenous people of Britain must indeed be very angry.

I forget though... Who are they again, exactly?

What Labour Government are you thinking of, since the one we're saddled with would have had the ant singing "Arbeit macht frei" in the showers by now?

a spectacularly unpleasant post, even by tour standards

Very funny post, David. Keep it up!

Yes, Duffer. Why not just leave the grashoppers to their own devices and hopefully they'll die out in accordance with well misunderstood Darwinian lack of principles.

That would leave the world free for Decent and Hard-Working people like you.

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