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Sunday, 15 January 2006


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Also click the search button and check the second item.

That's been around for a couple of years now.

Try the same thing typing "failure" instead.

Google-bombing lives…

Try this one! Again hit I'm feeling lucky! with no quote marks.

David Duff is a fuckin impotent racist!

Shows how utterly useless state education has become when their alumni can't even spell their favourite expletive!

As of the time of comment, it's still there.

Not everyone may agree with the "Googlers" sense of humour, but at least it's clear that they've got one!

Thereseville. Just in case you hadn't noticed, The French are a nation, not a race, and when was it 'racist' to take the piss out of a bunch of clowns?

The French are a bunch of clowns now? What you talking 'bout, Willis?

V funny and most unfair. They won at Yorktown, didn't they?

Yeah, didn't the French invade and conquer England in 1066 also?

Thanks Skegness, but that was a comment from Warren, not me.

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