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Saturday, 21 January 2006


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I surrender!

Well, I might have been a crap Dad in some respects but at least I got him hooked on history!

I will add just one more comment. It was just before this stunning victory that news finally reached Napoleon that the combined Franco-Spanish fleet had been annihilated at Trafalgar. He shrugged it off, and thus displayed his ignorance of grand strategy just as he was to prove his brilliance at grand tactics at Austerlitz. Trafalgar was the proof that the seaways of the world were now British and that a continental, land-based ruler was doomed.

Towards the end of the century there was a disagreement between the 19th century's two greatest scholars of geo-politics, Mahan, who extolled the supreme importance of sea-power; and Mackinder who believed in the 'heartland' concept of land mass as the most important feature of geo-political power. The former was taken up with manic enthusiasm by the Kaiser who tried to outbuild the British in ships and failed. The latter was a huge influence on Hitler who was determined to conquer the great land-mass to the east which would provide him with Ukrainian wheat and Caucasian oil. This led him to divert armies from the push to take Moscow which might have toppled Stalin, into the drive to the oil fields in the south.

Another proof of the wisdom of being deeply sceptical about 'experts'!,,13509-2008546,00.html

"Malade imaginaire"?

Barroso the optimist.

"Malade terminaire" more like.

Vive l'Empereur!

Son of Duff

Absolutely fascinating; if history was taught like this, our kids would have a much better grasp on how "Old Europe" came about, and where it stands in a rapidly changing world.

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