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Tuesday, 21 March 2006


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ahhh, the eternal dichotomy - whether to be the better unelected party, or instead join them in the mire and beat them at their own game. I think it is time for us to appraise the flaws as well as the bright spots of democratic government, and then choose our system - benevolent dictatorship over malevolent social model?

'Jambutty', you have touched a nerve! Increasingly these days I am pondering the nature of our wonderful democratic system, the one that the 'neo-Kammites' are so eager to spread to the benighted natives who, quite disgracefully, show no signs of gratitude. Alas, being only semi-educated I cannot (for the moment) come up with a sensible halfway house - the term "benevolent dictatorship" being, as I am sure you are aware, a fairly whopping great oxymoron.

Must put thinking cap on!

Alas, I think they've caught this disease from modern business, where the normal practice appears to be 'see what our competitors are doing, and copy that'. Even if the competitor isn't actually doing that well - the fact that *they're* doing something different must be because they're *on to something*.

So everyone just ends up implementing the worst of everyone else's ideas because no-one has the guts to risk being left behind. It even goes as far as aping their organisational structure - what will it be this week, flat or a pyramid? Hey look, they've got a 'process diagram' that looks like a circle... let's get rid of our 'waterfall' quickly! And hire the consultant who drew it up!

So I wouldn't be surprised to see, should the Conservatives win, Tony and Co working for them in some Mandelson-esqe consultancy capacity.

(You must be glad you've retired. I've got another thirty years of this to put up with.)

Yes, indeed, "Death where is thy sting?"

Mind you, never forget that in a democracy you get the government you deserve!

Aye, but I'd love to know what we did to deserve the current crop of management fads...

You have my sympathy, 'N.I.B.'. Happily, I never worked for any big organisations, er, excluding the British army, of course, but some of the total 'crapulata' that I hear from my friends who have worked for big plcs defies belief. Mind you, 'Duff Motors' was a sorry old set-up and that only consisted of me!

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