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Sunday, 26 March 2006


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'i' before 'e' except after 'c'

Alec (Rather be smart than pompous)

PS Para 2, line 2

Thanks, 'Anon', I really appreciate that. I have a sort of paranoia that my semi-education will show up in my writing, so I am always grateful for corrections.

I'm so glad I didn't attend now.

This march has achieved something unique. It handed PR boosts to the Islamist nutcases at MAC, the extreme left and the extreme right. The only people not to have gained anything were the people who the march was supposed to represent.

A big disappointment.

Glad you enjoyed the 'Americans in Paris' exhibition. Must make a point of seeing that myself.

Yes, a typical liberal cock-up!

Duffer ? Is that the same dear old Davey Duffer who once worked at Shrill & Coopers Lozenge Factory on the Huddersfield Road ? As I live and breath...(actually I don't live or breath, seeing as I'm dead)

No, no, no, no! I'm 'Deafy' Duffer, remember? We were inseperable as kids 'cos you couldn't see, and I couldn't hear. What fun we had! Remember that time I walked you along Blackpool pier and didn't tell you where it ended? Talk about laff! And then you got your own back when we playing on those new-fangled rail tracks and I didn't hear the steam train coming.
PS: I think I might be dead, too, but it's difficult to be sure.

(For readers totally bewildered by this exchange, go the comments here:

and then go to the (mad)man himself, here:

I don't know who he is but he's a comic genius!)

The march was the statement, not the loonie-tunes who screeched and gargled!

If I could have been there, I would have marched alongside the many, in reflection of, amongst many thousands more, a now-dead father who served throughout WW2, and a favourite uncle who perished in July 1944!

With the crowd behind you and all those placards I'm reminded of the legendary "You're all individuals" scene. Now where is it, ah yes...

Son of Duff

Oh God! I haven't laughed so much in one day for ages. First that loon, 'Blind Winger Jones' (see post above), and now that excerpt from 'Life of Brian', a film from which I almost had to be carried, I was in such fits of laughter. Thanks, Lawrence, and thanks also from a grateful public for the wonderful picture of your intrepid reporter at the front line!

"'i' before 'e' except after 'c'

Alec (Rather be smart than pompous)

PS Para 2, line 2"

errrr, except when there are exceptions to the rule.

I went to this exhibition on the same day David. I recommend.


At least you dressed for the weather.

Judging from what I hear about demo’s this is often a problem. Also the continuous reminders that if you go to a march ladies should not wear high heels.

The one time I went to a demonstration the speeches were kind of boring but watching the crowd was fun. Most were family people who brought the kids, but the wierdo’s were weird if tame.

That's odd - I imagined you as a moustache man.

The moustache?! Good God, no, I only wear that at home!

At normal demonstrations there are so many people to meet and things to see we rarely listen to the speeches.

Neither of course was true of the Lillipution march you are referring to so I suppose you had no choice though.

"People to meet"!!!!! None of my friends would be caught dead within five miles of a demo and jolly sensible they are too! There were roughly 300 bores down there not counting the bores on the platform, and you want *more*! My dear chap, I can't help feeling that your social life is - how can I put this kindly? - less than full and fascinating, perhaps. Have you ever thought of taking up golf or something?

Golf? please.

I prefer boating, preferably fishing but a nice sail is also pleasant. Even a sold Sea Kayak on a good day gets one out on the water.

Otherwise a simple trip to the beach, with a good book and good bottle of wine.

Actually, I quite agree with you about golf. I always tell people that at 66 I'm not old enough. Not so sure about boating - there always appears to be an awful lot of water and not much me! The sort of boating I like is when you can sit on that flat deck at the back (stern?) with a dry martini in one hand and the ability to reach over the rail and touch the dock with the other. Very nice, that is!

True veterans of demos know that when the speeches start, its time to go to the pub.

Let this be a lesson for you.

NOW he tells me!

Has any other reader of this blog noticed the uncanny facial resemblence between a well-loved but curmudgeonly British institution, given to strong liquor and administering the odd clout to upstart youth, and Grandma Giles? Are they in any way related? I think we should be told

Hilary, welcome back but who on earth do you mean?

I loved those books when I were a lad!

David, I fear I may have steered you wrong about Maryam Namazie. She actually spoke first, so I didn't see her speech. I guess you did, as your running order seems correct. But the really boring one, who seemed to have turned up to the wrong demo, was one Sayyida Rend Shakir al-Hadithi. That, at any rate, is the one Saul and I were talking about in the pub as we were picking out the bits of broken glass that we had rubbed into our eyes for amusement during her speech.

Pity you missed Labi Siffre, though. He was good.

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