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Thursday, 30 March 2006


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It's not a holiday they need, it's a badge with the crescent and star on.

When we happily sign up to a farrago of rubbish which poses as the Afghani Constitution, but is in fact a word-for-word interpretation of Sharia Law, what else do you expect?

We mustn't say anything which might "offend" the sensibilities of some bogus rag-head who's just crept out of a container truck; we can't wear a tee-shirt saying "Bollocks to Blair" because it might be construed as being 'offensive; hell we can't even say what is true, that our schools are being swamped by a big heap of 'fuzzies' from Pakistan and India, nearly all of whom cannot speak a bloody word of English!!

Yep, lets give the fuzzies a 'Muslim Holiday' in Germany, but the condition should be that they can only celebrate it back in some dung-heap in Pakistan!

Oh, come on, 'Ghenghis', stop beating about the bush and tell it the way you see it!

"Appeasement crippled Europe when genocide ran rampant in Kosovo": but didn't the genocide claim from Clinton and Blair prove to be almost entirely false? The ethnic cleansing started after we started bombing the Serbs, didn't it? And the holocaust argument is just hindsight.

So Dearieme,

Britain and the Allies caused the holocaust did they, starting, as it did, after the second world war was declared by Britain on Germany?

Is there anything you won’t blame on Britain and America as we go about our business of trying to fight the enemies of the open society?

Son of Duff


You may not agree with every detail but I do!

When Orwell said: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever” he was, fortunately, wrong. Built into the cycle of tyranny are the gnawing reactionary processes of incompetence, corruption and oppression that the human condition will not abide, which slowly but inexorably unravel the enthusiasm which drove the tyranny in the first place, leading inexorably to decline and fall. The only counter-reaction tyranny can offer is to attempt to change the consciousness of mankind; that great unfinished project of the 20th Century. If it’s ever achieved, the enemies of the open society now know it won’t be a social engineering technique, but rather a medical one: “the light of a perverted science” as Churchill chillingly put it.

But unfortunately, neither will Liberty be “A soft slipper cushioning a human face - forever”. Built into the cycle of Liberty are the seeds of its long-term destruction: complacency, materialism, appeasement, pusillanimity, pessimism, guilt and self-loathing, which will eventually lay low every Liberal civilization in turn. All the evidence suggests that the West’s grip on the torch of Liberty is slowly slipping for all these reasons, and that is the article’s sentiment.

What hope? Well if the Cold War was the last Great War that Western civilization won in the name of the open society, and Iraq, Afghanistan and subsequent struggles overwhelm us, leaving our body corporate mortally wounded atop the parapet of our final foray “over-the-top”, then we can say that the Cold War was the West’s greatest victory. If in our dying act we have fired the flaming arrows of Liberty over the heads of our Socialist and Islamo-fascist enemies, lighting 3 billion fires in the hearts of men who’ve never known Liberty, kindling youthful Liberal lifecycles with all their vigour and enthusiasm in civilizations who’ve never known the open society, then it will have been enough. When the 3 billion confront Socialism and Islamo-fascism - as inevitably they will having (1) had a taste of Socialism which left 120 million of their number dead and (2) a limitless future thirst for oil - they will crush them casually, like two insects under the soft slipper of Liberty.

Son of Duff

Hang on - they get free theatre and symphony tickets in Germany?

The jammy bastards!

Duffson, you've got my point arsy-versy. I was objecting to anyone who criticised the appeasers on the grounds that the holocaust happened. The appeasers made a rotten judgement, but to suppose, or imply, that they should have foreseen the holocaust is pretty juvenile stuff. The appeasers proved to be wrong but I don't think they were evil.

God, this Duff fella is a twat.

“Duffson, you've got my point arsy-versy. I was objecting to anyone who criticised the appeasers on the grounds that the holocaust happened.”

There’s no misunderstanding! You *are* objecting to me because I *do* criticise the appeasers on the grounds that the holocaust happened. Earlier in Western civilisation’s Liberal lifecycle the clear signs of what was going to happen in Nazi Germany would have been seen without “complacency, materialism, appeasement, pusillanimity, pessimism, guilt and self-loathing” and acted upon promptly.

“The appeasers made a rotten judgement,”

Now you’re agreeing with me!

“ but to suppose, or imply, that they should have foreseen the holocaust is pretty juvenile stuff.”

Eh? Now you’re saying their judgement wasn’t rotten?

“The appeasers proved to be wrong but I don't think they were evil.”

Jury’s still out on that one. Certainly today, even later in Western civilisation’s decline, a large body of appeasement thought comes from a malignant sector of our society whose intent is Western civilisation’s destruction. It doesn’t get more evil than that.

Son of Duff

If the European Union had a proper motto, it would be,

Please Leave Me Alone, I'm Nice :)

"Please Leave Me Alone, I'm Nice"

Yeeees, not quite, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" but one feels, in a very profound sense, that it is trying (and succeeding) to get in touch with its feminine side. So that's alright then!

A Muslim holiday you say? A MUSLIM HOLIDAY??! Well how awful. I really am beside myself with rage. Indeed that would be almost as bad as the holocaust.

Wasn't that a song by 10cc?

Don't know, but I think "We're all going on a Muslim holday" was rather popular in its day, sung by Imam Cliff bin Richards, I believe.

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