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Saturday, 11 March 2006


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I'd be interested in knowing more of his life after Keeler.

The media don't seem to have thought that was worth more than a passing mention.

Lord Carrington was Foreign Secretary at Falklands time. Minister of Defence was Mr. John Nott, who did something positively very wrong: he authored a plan to decimate the Royal Navy on the very eve of the Falklands invasion.

Paul, of course, you're quite right and thanks for the correction. My memory! Now, where did I put it ...! However, the moral of my story remains.


re: " current collection of shoddy creeps, liars, perverts and thieves who inhabit the open prison known more familiarly as Westminster."

I wish to protest most strongly at your description of the inmates of the House of Commons (and some of the Lords)at Westminster; as true shoddy creeps, liars, perverts and thieves don't deserve to be parcelled up together with the larcenous, licentious and morally-bankrupted crew within the Commons!

Quite right, 'Ghenghis', time for some impaling, I think. Although, God help us, some of them might quite enjoy it!

wouldn't it have beeen better to name check Chaucer for the "well known phrase" rather than an American university? He did after all write the Canterbury Tales.

Wouldn't it have been better if you had started with a capital letter and then followed up by using some more punctuation if you are, indeed, as 'educated' as you claim to be?!

Ooooh touchy. Think you'll find the apostrophe, question mark and inverted commas qualify as punctuation. Deep apologies for the initial typo though, must have rendered the post virtually incomprehensible. So that's Chaucer name-checked then?

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