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Friday, 17 March 2006


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So, what to wear up in 'The Smoke'?

Get with the 'program' mate! Didn't your chums tell you it's all Sunnahs, beards and Burkahs up there these days?

Not sure about that! I crawled past Trafalgar Square last Saturday attempting to get to the Opera House and passed the dregs (I use the word advisedly) of the AWL demo. I was reminded of that old story concerning one of Noel Coward's chums who was plucked to safety from the beach at Dunkirk and on disembarkation immediately made for the Savoy cocktail bar where he was met by Coward's coterie and when asked what it had been like, remarked, "My dears, the noise, the heat, the smell - the people!"

Its a shame that the oppressors portray themselves as the victims.

Those grotesque caricatures were nothing more than the first steps towards the genocide of Muslims in Europe.

First comes demonisation, then comes discrimination, then comes fear.....

Europeans haven’t learnt from it's history. The same arguments were used against the Jews, and look what we had.

When they came for the Muslims, I did not speak out (but helped prepare their graves)

-After all I was not a Muslim

Welcome aboard this site, Abu, and I do mean 'welcome'.

I think you miss the point of next Saturday's demo. I, and many others, will be there to add our puny weight in defence of *your* liberty to say what *you* like, within the law, even if (perhaps I mean, especially if) it is silly nonsense like "Those grotesque caricatures were nothing more than the first steps towards the genocide of Muslims in Europe."

What they were, precisely and exactly, were obnoxious and offensive insults, but suffering such things is the price you pay to enjoy freedom of expression. It means, I must be patient and grit my teeth when you write that cartoons are the beginnings of genocide but make no mention of what flying aircraft into office blocks might presage!

Your second comment:
"When they came for the Muslims, I did not speak out (but helped prepare their graves)
-After all I was not a Muslim"
is equal nonsense and deeply offensive as well. I *am* speaking out and will be doing so in common with others next Saturday. Where will *you* be?

but you just did mention aircraft and offices didn't you......couldn't help yourself eh?

No, 'anon', let me try and explain this slowly and carefully to you; the subject of that clause in my sentence was the "you" in "when you write", that is, my interlocutor not me.

Now go away and write out 100 times "Why, when I turn round suddenly, do I see people giggling?"

Better use of punctuation, for example commas at the beginning and end of the clause, would have removed that ambiguity. Actually I think the error, initially, was the comma after "means" and that error was compounded by the lack of punctuation in the rest of the sentence. For example, quotation marks around the words you attribute to your interlocutor wuld have been one way of resolving the issue. You do get irritable when people post things you don't like, don't you? And suffer from just a touch of pomposity? Maybe?

Wow, anon, you're a real piece of work. A touch of pomposity? Take a look at what you wrote and imagine Maggie Smith reading it out in an Edinburgh accent.

Works, doesn't it?

Abu, how about this:

First come planes.

Then come bombs on the trains.

We retaliate with... pictures.

No wonder you're scared!

Quite right Andy M. We've never so much as laid a finger on an innocent Muslim.


It does indeed! And that was rather the effect aimed for because of Mr Duff's criticism of my own punctuation in a perfectly polite post on another thread - which, sin of sins, omitted a capital letter and didn't, apparently, have sufficient punctuation.....

Miss Brodie of Morningside (in her prime)

I am happy, 'anon', to confess to my share of pomposity if and when you own up to your propensity for what I can only call 'smart Alecness'. I should add that normally I never correct people's grammar being all too aware of the famous equivalence between motes and beams!

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