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Saturday, 24 June 2006


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Hate to disappoint you, but Hungbunny is all man.

Only according to 'her'!

A recent experience inside a so-called 'Working Man's Club' would tend to bear out your observations regarding ignorance, loud-mouths and yobbishness! (you must understand I was visiting as part of my job; normally, I wouldn't be seen within a mile of any such gathering,)

The conversations, if they could be named such, consisted mainly of obscenities, vulgarity and a demonstration of a general lack of either education, breeding, manners or humour; and that was only from the WOMEN!

And these cretins have exactly the same voting power as myself!

I think you were actually banned for overuse of exclamation marks! Which is fair enough, really! Don't you think!?!!?

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