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Sunday, 02 July 2006


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Thanks for the thoughtful review. Your comments on characters and ideologies portrayed in the play are very revealing. However, while watching the play, I felt like I missed a lot because I am not familiar with the Rock 'n' Roll movement nearly as well as Stoppard is. That being said, since you haven't heard of Syd Barret before seeing the play, it might be the case that there was an important cultural detail you did not catch. I certainly feel I did not.


Eugene, on the contrary, thank *you* for nudging me into re-reading my review and thus bringing back happy memories of a theatrical experience I will never forget. I would be fascinated to know where and when you saw the play. I'm curious because just in the last few days I have noticed quite a number of 'hits' on my blog looking for "Rock 'n' Roll".

As for the rock 'n' roll movement, alas, it all passed me by. For me, popular music ended with Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Ella - so that gives you a clue as to my age! However, I do see Stoppard's point that this wild and undisciplined 'music' was anathema to disciplined regimes particularly as it is aimed directly at their young - and young at heart.

I am a huge fan of Tom Stoppard and I have been lucky enough to direct three of his plays - strictly amateur productions, I should add. Perhaps you would like to write your own review of the production you saw. You do not indicate that you have a blog of your own so I would be happy to print it here. I guess you are American and I would be interested in an American re-action to what is a very European play. Let me know.

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