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Monday, 17 July 2006


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Well spotted Pater, what an article; Laffer’s curve just keeps on-and-on doing its thing – everywhere except Blighty! It makes you weep just how rich the poor could be in Blighty if we only had a golden haired Thatcher to lead the way…

The theory is sound and the numbers compelling; why doesn’t the UK mainstream media publish this and why do we have no-one to vote for to implement it?

You’d think it might be an elaborate conspiracy, but if so it defies reason because there are no discernible beneficiaries who might be the “high tax rate” conspirators. The public sector loses because the revenue to the exchequer that pays for them is reduced, the poor lose because the benefits they might receive are under-funded, the rich lose because their income is deprived of its most favourable tax regime and must earn it on less attractive shores, the politicians lose because they commit to an economic manifesto that ultimately underperforms at best and ruins at worst, and the media… ah, wait a minute, the media. That mirror to the foetus-brained turnips that are the majority class of the British population today: the Chav-mass. The Chav-mass has long forgotten the lessons of the 80’s and is now so cretinous it can probably never relearn them. So why bother telling them?

Hug a hoodie. We’re all doomed.

Son of Duff

Your link didn’t seem to work though, try here.

“…if we only had a golden haired Thatcher to lead the way…”

Perhaps now I understand Stoppard’s choice of Syd Barrett’s enchanting melody (the lyrics are actually from a James Joyce poem) in the opening scene of Rock’n’Roll: piping in the leader who, with her actor friend, would free Czech Republic and the Eastern half of Europe?

“Lean out your window, golden hair
I heard you singing in the midnight air
My book is closed, I read no more
Watching the fire dance, on the floor
I’ve left my book, I’ve left my room

For I heard you singing through the gloom
Singing and singing, a merry air
Lean out the window, golden hair...”

Will somebody please find the pipe now and play an encore for the Western half of Europe?

Son of Duff

"... why do we have no-one to vote for to implement it?"

The victory of doctrinaire dogma over intelligence.

I have fixed the link, thanks.

As to your second comment; steady on, young Duffers, bit emotional, what!

Wow its amazing that a business magazine would publish such socking self-congratulatory evidence of the policies their lords and masters pushed through via the strings attached to their Bush puppet. I guess the media is truely independent and honest. Golly!

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