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Monday, 14 August 2006


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I think you owe me an apology, David. Have another look at my comment and tell me if it is accurately represented by your strawman summary. I was answering Andy M's ridiculous "rhetorical" question about the "self-evident fact" Hizbullah's use of Lebanese civilians as human shields, and pointing out that Human Rights Watch have found no evidence of any such thing. At no point did I refuse to "accept that anything untoward had occurred" or state "that the still photographs could be interpreted in all sorts of ways".

For the record, though, I think that there is plenty in the Qana situation that is untoward, not least the corpses of those children, the innocent victims of Israeli bombs, more than half of which were disabled. No amount of Hizbullah propaganda can change that uncomfortable fact.

I see the point still evades you, David.

Tell me - where did the clip on Harry's Place come from?

I now realise how utterly wrong I was. There are no dead civilians in Lebanon. It was all a result of the eeeeeeeevill propaganda by the islamolamolamolamofascists. A few buildings in beruit may have collapsed due to faulty construction, and a few lebanese children may have suffered minor cuts and bruises as a result of playing outside in a war zone. But move along...nothing to see here.

I'll see your Green Helmet video and I'll raise you the Israeli military shooting at unarmed protesters:

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