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Saturday, 26 August 2006


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I've spotted a mistake (deliberate I'm sure)...

Only one? I must be improving. Go on then, do tell ...

Adolph Hitler wasn't a mad German.

Adolf Hitler, however, was a mad Austrian.

Bugger! I've just lost a bet with myself. It was a dead cert in my mind that it would be 'NIB' who picked that one up. Anyway, I forgive myself (you see how generous I am) on the grounds of literary expression in what is known as the 'duff-florid-style', and ethnic confusion - on the part of the German-Austrians, of course, most of whom would have difficulty detecting any difference between an Austrian or a Bavarian - so what chance has a simple-minded Brit?

Sorry David, but if you're going to refer to him by a name which isn't exactly the one bestowed upon him by his parents at birth, then you must put quote marks around it thus: 'Adolph' Hitler.

Otherwise it just looks silly.

Well done, 'Larry', that made me laugh.

1 - 0 to you, I think!

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