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Saturday, 26 August 2006


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I have had only one ghost experience, but it was very interesting. :-)

Thought I'd come and take refuge today as I have had a 'forty emails from North' morning. I responded to her post saying how dare you honour the unpardoned soldier, when you treated me, an agent's daughter, so dreadfully while my father is dying? She didn't justify her behaviour-or even print the short post I sent- but I have received a plethora of emails this morning. \not one contained an apology, or even anything like it.

Grr fume- Saturday morning isn't a time for nutbag mails! :-) No I take it back- it has gone on all day!

I'm not sure *this* site is teh best place to take refuge in - it can get quite noisy round here sometimes!

Noticed your comment on another blog and popped over to check-out yours.

Had to say I love your quote up-top. It is just a perfect explaination/exposition.

Amy, you are very welcome. Come back and visit any time you like.

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