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Thursday, 24 August 2006


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"instantly recognise"?

Instantly? So what gives it away? The shape of his head? The colour of his skin? The overwhelming support of the ordinary Venezualan people? What?

Anyway, I'd have thought you'd be lauding Chavez for busting up strikes. You're a trade union supporter now, too? It's tough to keep up with you sometimes, David.

"it will go on getting even 'wronger' until Chavez is replaced, almost certainly by something even worse."

UMMM... Surely it would get even 'wronger' if he was replaced by something worse?

(Cue the 'nit picking' put down...)

"Broken-hearted"? Ho ho. I think my original response to your comment was fairly explanatory of my position.

Just because you have this obsessive hatred of Hugo Chavez, Duff, is no reason to presume I am a starry-eyed believer in the power of one man to save Venezuela from poverty and equality, and to make everything 'nice'. Chavez is a generally Bonapartist figure, expressing the demands of Venezuela's competing social classes to varying extents. He is neither the messiah nor is he pure evil. The state is more than its head.

The difference between us is in what we want to replace Chavez with: I want an extension of his social-democratic policies and the empowerment of the poor, the landless and workers. You want a society dedicated to killing puppies and mugging old women. Don't deny it now!

Seriously, good to see you're still about, Duff. You old reactionary.

Er, heh, I meant *inequality*. Obviously.



Reference: South American gangster-thieves

You mean>Caudillo I suppose. The wikpedia article is rather sugar coated.

Orginally a charismatic leader (the man on horseback) who fancies himself a general and obtained power by dubious means. In the new tradition of Castro, Allende, and a few others Chevez realizes that left wing cant works much better than horseback.

With all due respect to the good in mistaken intentions of our left leaning friends, Chevez claiming their ideals is a mockery.>Venezuela A Century Of Caudillismo

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