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Monday, 28 August 2006


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...To which dear David "Call me Dave" Cameron presumably replied, "Don't be silly, oh and by the way Mrs Thatcher used to call the African National Congress a terrorist organisation, shocking, isn't it? Another grave historical error of judgement which I must now point out to enlightened readers of the Observer".
What a plonker.

Its because in order to win elections, a political party has to capture what is called the "centre ground". Thus just as Bliar moved a left-wing party to the right in order to win elections, Cameron has to move a right-wing party to the left. His attacks on his own history are nothing more than part of this strategy.

The dislike you and other conservatives have towards this process is exactly what people on the left went through 12 years ago with blair (and still go through today). Its largely caused by britain's dysfunctional electoral system, and if you want to have a genuine conservative party back you should probably support changes to the electoral system.

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