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Monday, 11 September 2006


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You dare, Duffster... What is your problem? Nevertheless, good luck on the play.

Recall Paul Johnson's bon mot: "Socialism is the anti-semitism of intellectuals".

Break a leg*

*in regard to the show, I mean

Far be it from me to try and influence you in your choice of subject matter but you might want to read this before making any decision.

Mr Duff sir, it is a pleasure to "download" the opinions of someone with such a clear head and foresight as yourself. I eagerly await your next dispatch. Good luck with the theatricals, but beware men in Kimonos.

Did I hear a faint, ethereal echo rattling in my earphones as I fine-tuned my cats-whisker computer into the void of the life beyond this ... is it, can it be, surely not ... YES! Blindwinger Jones is, well, not exactly back from the dead because he's still as dead as a Yorkshire Dodo, but I swear I heard his voice. Praise the Lord!

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