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Thursday, 14 September 2006


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David, am I given to understand that you believe that young men decide to become suicide bombers due to a lack of parental control?

I presume that you don't intend to imply that Al Qaeda is the result of an epidemic of erotic vomiting amongst the West's single parents.

This cartoon is funny because it displays the batshit lunacy of its author, not because it's in any way revealing of a wider sociological truth.

Still, it's interesting to note that Islamic fundamentalists and Western conservatives share the notion that the people of the west are debauched whores in need of chastisement.

It's also curious that the belief that society is hopelessly corrupt and immoral is more commonly found in the opinions of youngsters from sheltered, religious upbringings than from council estate dwelling single parent families.

I agree with David, insofar as that cartoon is completely fucking hilarious.

Dear Mr. Levitating-Rat,
I am not able to tell you what you "are given to understand" because I find it difficult to understand anything you write. For example, "erotic vomiting", is an oxymoron if ever I heard one - and I will disdain the use of the obvious joke in your case. Nor was I aware that the parents of AQ bombers were western!

As for "debauched whores in need of chastisement", my only response is, that you might say that, but viewing the cream of English feminity spewing forth (I use the phrase advisedly) from places of public entertainment every Friday and Saturday night, I couldn't possibly comment.

Finally, your definition of the environment from which corruption and immorality is likely to be found does credit to your ingenuity and a disservice to your intelligence - of which precious little has been on display so far. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal!

Mr. McShot offers the perfect example of the degeneration of Irish education to be expected after that old blarney-maker, James Joyce, was given the time of day by literary intellectuals who should have known better!

Hey, Duff, how come I don't feel the need to mention your nationality every time I respond to something *you* say? So I'm Irish, huh? And what's your point?

Anyway, I'm not going to read too deeply into it this time, given that you were clearly drunk off your saggy man-tits when you wrote the comment above.

Mind how you go now.

"Mind how you go now"

Indeed, I will, an', an' all!

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