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Tuesday, 05 September 2006


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If we're just talking about "goodness", I'd nominate the writer of this piece (he's a clergyman I go to hear from time to time):

disabled campaigner
Why do we need a campaign to cause disabilities?

pioneer in paedophile treatment
Should read accomplice to pedophilia. I’m not sure if the success of treatment programs equals natural remission or is worse.

Camilla Batman ghelidjh - founder of Kids Company
Is the name for real? Sounds like the most constructive person on the list

Laurie Pycroft, animal testing campaigner
How did he get on the list, using animals for drug tests may save lives but it is politically incorrect.

Mark Malloch Brown, UN
Deserves a common sense award - insults a member nation of a membership organization in which he is an official, then expects to work with them in a cooperative manner.

Do a google search on T4 disabled

comedy scriptwriter and global campaigner
What is the difference between those two functions?

debt campaigner
Like I need help getting into debt?

Jonathon Porritt, environmentalist and Gordon Conway, ecologist
Do the compilers of the list know the difference? I am tired of debates on the “environment” when both sides mean ecology and would clearly be confused if you attempted to explain it to them.

Thanks for the laugh - I needed it.

Well, that's you off the list, Hank!

Hilary, thanks, I will give him a read when I get a minute.

They're a collective of wankers, but even this bunch of no-hopers don't deserve The Darbyshires! That really is a cruel and unusual punishment!


Hey Duff, it stands to reason that you don't know any "good" people, being a bourgeois apologist and all. No bloody socialists on the list either!

Barry, it's your choice, of course, but with one or two of them I would suggest you count teh spoons afterwards!

'RinR', I'm not sure what you mean by "bourgeois apologist" but I assume it is not a compliment! Also, I would have thought they were all, in their different ways, "bloody socialists".

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