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Friday, 17 November 2006


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Rave on, you holy fool! Rave on!

' that most Social non-Workers couldn't recognise a battered child even if it was dead'

Believe it or not, there are good social workers. Sadly they are either promoted into irrelevance or sent mad and forced to leave.

If it makes you feel happier David, I work on the public purse.

Of course, my taxes pay for my own wages, so I don't know what to think.

Thank you, Andy, for shedding a glimmer of light into my black ignorance on current popular music - even if I had to go to Google for help! I've heard of this van Morrison - is he any good?

Clairwil, of course there are good, devoted and intelligent social workers but, alas, as your new, about-to-be-elected-for-life Dear Leader I can show no mercy - shoot two out of three 'pour encourager les autres'! Or, to be precise and sensible, change the system under which they work.

Sorry, and I really mean that, 'Ratty', from the bottom of my wallet, but unfortunately *your* tax does not pay *your* wages, mine and everyone else's does. So if you don't know what to think, let me suggest that you think about going out and getting an honest job instead of living on the rest of us! With your persuasive powers you could take my place in the ranks of that honourable company of gentlemen, the second-hand car trade.

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