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Thursday, 07 December 2006


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As I remember we had a very good ally in our British and Commonwealth friends. His Majesty's forces may have been out gunned and out numbered but never out fought.

Thank you, Hank, but I must confess to a momentary confusion when I looked at Mike's site, and being British and parochial, at first I assumed the photo was HMS Repulse which lies on the seabed alongside HMS The Prince of Wales off shore from Kuantan in Malaya. Both ships are visible from the air as I know personally from having flown over them once some 40 years ago. They were both sunk (by aircraft!) in December 1941 - hence my confusion.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that a White Ensign still flies, underwater, attached to the propellers of the Prince of Wales and is changed regularly by visiting divers.

If you care to wander across to view This Forum Discussion, it features my (very) speculative review of a book which was written too late, and published some sixty years after being finished; the book being authored by Alastair Cooke, he of the velvet larynx and the gimlet-pointed opinions!

Being of a slightly speculative nature myself, it is an intriguing possibility!

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