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Thursday, 21 December 2006


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Yes, David, very amusing.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours


The merriest of Christmas's to you and yours.


Merry Christmas, David.
Looking out of the window it looks like you'd be best off taking the Blue Train down to the Riviera this year, rather than Easyjet.

Merry Christmas, Mr Duff.

And a Happy Winterval to you too, you old goat. I hope that SoD and memsahib are patient with you after you've hit the port decanter.

"even if it would be easier to read a wall on one of the pyramids."

I use copy and paste from word, and Firefox as the browser. For some reason IE doesn't like that technique.

"Treat 'Snotty McShott' with all the respect due to a man who couldn't even spell quadratic equations."

That's a bit rich coming from someone who really should be able to spell "Snotty McShot" after all these years. Stick yer yuletide greetings up yer hoop, you ridiculous old urine-soaked bigot.

Respect me more. I congratulate you on an excellent resolution.

Happy Winterval Dufus, you preposterous old arse.

Have a lovely Year Ending Gift Distribution Event Mr Duff. I know I will.

Of course, the hilarious irony of all this "political correctness lark" sort of thing is that "political correctness" is possibly the most politically correct phrase of them all. In days gone by the very same concept was known more simply as "manners".

Wouldn't it be quicker to just scrap resolutions 1 to 6 and replace them with 'give up blogs and give up blogging'?

I can highly recommend it for a happier, less fractious life.

Thank you, thank you, one and all; and I can't think how I missed from my list, 'Ill Man' (the 'snapper' of unconsidered trifles), Deogolwulf (the 'dry martini' of blogs, than which, I can praise no higher), dear old Barry Bananas (the Jack Russell terrier of commenters) and hurrah for the return of 'Nit Picker Extraordinaire', 'NIB'.

Merry Christmas to you all. I may leave a deposit on Thursday, depending on my post-Christmas lassitude, or you will have to contain your patience until after the 3rd Jan.

'Brief return', to be precise.

Happy Christmas.

'Snapper of Unconsidered Trifles'

Sorry Dave, lost me on that one. Blame it on my grim education...

You mean I take photos of obscure nonsense?

Sounds about right...;)

Sorry, 'Ill Man', I was being even more ponderously and obscurely witty(!) than usual. Yes, I was referring to, and punning on, your habit of 'snapping' away with your camera to illuminate the less travelled routes of Glasgow, and some of your images are rather beautiful - although, to be absolutely honest, I do have my doubts concerning photography as an art form. I may Bore for Britain on the subject next week - you have been warned!

The actual quote is from "The Winter's Tale" and is spoken by Autolycus, described as "a rougue", not that I knew that when I used it, so please don't take it personally! In full it reads, "My father named me Autolycus; who, being as I am, littered (born) under Mercury, was like-wise a snapper up of unconsidered trifles." In classical mythology, Autolycus was the son of Mercury who was the God of thieves and pickpockets. The term "snapper up" has connotations to the habit of cut-purses in Shakespeare's time snipping the leather thongs that held a man's purse to his belt.

(God almighty, what a bore I'm becoming! Sorry, but I love these utterly useless bits of information. Sad, really!)

Good point about photography/art. Not entirely sure myself. I don't think it is an art form(phew!) but it does have a have a sort of parallel life to figurative art.

To be honest, I just point and click. To quote Mr Michael Stipe "When the light is mine....."

Thanks again, 'Ill Man', because if I added a tiny grain to the sum total of your knowledge, so to did you to me by introducing me to Mr. Michael Snipes, hitherto, totally unknown to me.

Oh David, you sarky old rascal.....;)

Not "sarky", 'Ill Man', the truth, and to add to my woeful ignorance, neither had I heard of James Brown, described somewhere, no, everywhere, as "the Father of Soul" when he died the other week.

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