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Tuesday, 13 February 2007


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I don't think Dr Patterson would thank you for putting him on your little 'HAF' black-list.

Google is your friend!

Point taken, 'NIB', and I apologise to Dr. Patterson if I inadvertantly placed him amongst the HAF fraternity. His Wikipedia entry makes interesting reading - you can reach it via:

I especially liked this: "Patterson has proven to be a difficult target for climate change alarmist activists [...]: 1) He is a well respected internationally known research scientist with 118 peer-reviewed research publications as of late 2006; 2) He is a research scientist who goes where the science takes him and not where climate change alarmist activists want him to go;..."

Well spotted, 'NIB', they also serve who only stand and nitpick!

It's all part of the service.

Well done, Duffers; it is a good site you've linked to. The demolition of the bullshit claim that climate models contain 200 years worth of tested physics is spot on.

Glad you liked it, 'Dearieme', and I have asked the hostess, if she can spare the time, to gloss some of the abbreviations they use on a fairly constant basis.

David>Thought you might enjoy Not all elected officials total idiots.

It's a new article so it might disapear fast.

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