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Thursday, 08 February 2007


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Schneider's comment is much-quoted, presumably because it's rare to see a scientist blurt out in public the sort of highly cynical things that they often say in private.

It is a quote from 1989, probably taken out of context and misinterpreted. The idea that this proves the whole Global warming is an untrue marxist conspiracy is frankly laughable.

Duff, I do hope you don't use your internet browser to search for "what really happened on 9-11" type websites...

He's far too happy taking anything at face value that confirms his prejudices to bother with anything else. Isn't that right Mister Duff? Mister Duff?

John, I said it at your place first, but it's worth repeating here...

"Is there a worse form of rhetoric than the combination of the argument from ignorance and the appeal to authority?

There's a reason it's not often used - imagine if the chairman of a major bank did an advert saying, "I don't know much about this here accountin', but this here's a college boy who's done hisself some book learnin' and talks right purdy."

Would you take a loan from someone promoting the same argument, David?

No need to shout, 'Brisso'! I leave the house, and my computer, on Thursday afternoons and do not return until Saturdays at around 2.00 am; I then spend the rest of the day at the beck and call of the little 'Memsahib', before getting my leave pass stamped to return to my 'loves and darlings' all-day Sunday; so if I don't respond instantly to your (not very acute) comments, that is why!

'PS', I didn't claim the quote was "a proof", merely an indication of a state of mind. Nor do I claim that global warming is not happening. As I have said before, the temperature of the globe has changed, up and down, since it first coalesced. I, personally, am in no position to judge the scientific arguments. However, I can judge a document that is issued under the guise of being a scientific paper, despite the fact that it is passed through the hands of United Nations bureaucrats first and altered where necessary to fit a political agenda.

'Ratty', the repetition of your irrelevant remarks does not add weight to them! If you are looking for an example of an "argument from ignorance and the appeal to authority" then go no further than the spotty 'youfs' and 'youfettes' who front-up the various HAF organisations. Their belief in the green creed is fanatical but, alas, their scientific knowledge is nil and their political naivity is immense. As I have indicated above, I make no claims, I only offer an exceedingly sceptical view of yet another example of human folly - as if I didn't get enough of it plopping into these comment threads!

'Planeshift' you are exceedingly irritating!

Your own blog has been an indecipherable, unreadable stew of hieroglyphics ever since it started and, presumably at my nagging, you finally cleaned it up. However, you plonker, no-one can comment on your inanities *unless* they have a 'Blogger' account! Which means I have just wasted twenty minutes of my fast decreasing life-span trying to comment on one of your posts to no effect. AND YOU HAVE THE BLOODY GALL TO LECTURE ME ON SCIENCE!! I mean, have you ever wondered *why* you receive so few comments - two since Xmas, at a quick count? It's not just because you write rubbish, it's because no-one who isn't signed on with 'Blogger' is allowed on until YOU MAKE THE ARRANGEMENTS - YOU PILLOCK!

I'm going to bed, I've got a headache and that fucking Hamlet had better not give me any grief tomorrow!

Oooh, get her...

I'm afraid you are attributing far too much technical knowledge to me, as I was recieving unwanted ads for viagra I fiddled around with the comment moderation with the sole aim of preventing spam bots. I had no idea that this required people to register with blogger in order to post. I'll have another go.

'PS', genuine apologies for my bad temper last night!

David, you need to work on your rhetorical techniques.

It's been a long time since school, but if I remember correctly "They do it, ergo it's okay for me to do it" is commonly called a Tu Quoque.

Er, thanks, 'Ratty', I think!

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