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Tuesday, 20 February 2007


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No idea about UKIP but the BNP are more likely to nationalise everything if the following is anything to go by.

'We will re-nationalise essential industries that have demonstrated a systemic failure of efficiency under privatisation and we will also seize back those industries from the corporate pension plunderers who have robbed workers of their pensions with minimal compensation based on their projected pensions shortfalls being subtracted from the current market price.'

Thus proving yet again my contention that fascists are socialists. The moans and groans from the socialists when I constantly point this out are just some of the things that bring a wintry smile to my usually granite features. After all, as I delight to rub in to open wounds, Hitler's mob called themselves National *Socialists*!

I'd imagine they have some funny ideas about foreign ownership and investment, too. The BNP, that is.

Trouble is, though, people generally hate the idea of privatisation even more than they hate the idea of paying taxes. Why? Because we let charlatans at the Adam Smith (is rolling in his grave) Institute tell us how to do them. Et voila, lots and lots and lots of our tax money is hoovered directly into private pockets.

"... lots and lots and lots of our tax money is hoovered directly into private pockets."

If I understand you right, 'NIB', you are complaining that money taken from "private pockets" has been returned to "private pockets" but not the *same* "private pockets". This is undoubtedly true but are we to infer that you would prefer the money to remain in 'state pockets'? Nor do you express any opinion on the *original* piece of embezzlement in which the state first dipped its hands into "private pockets".

As to the BNP, in my opinion they have some very *un*-funny ideas and I suspect that they are too dim and socialist (the two tend to go together) to think of giving us our money back.

"Nor do you express any opinion on the *original* piece of embezzlement."

Oh, sorry, is this one of your rules now? "Commenters may not complain about Think Tank fools who dream up botched, massively expensive privatisation schemes, *unless* they display their 'Political Purity' by going right back to first principles."

Commissar Duff has, indeed, spoken!

Dearie me (er, to quote a phrase!), a bit touchy this morning aren't we, 'NIB'? I was only asking!

My humblest apologies. I'm so, so, so sorry, Commissar Duff. I shan't post my impure thoughts here, ever again. Please, put down that ice pick...

And you were the one telling *me*, over at Teabag's place, not do the 'funnies'.

Plodding, 'NIB', plodding!

Yes, it was a clunking effort on my part, but... I notice you don't express any opinion on the the acceptability, or otherwise, of stabbing political opponents with ice-picks.

I leave the reader to draw their own conclusion!

"the acceptability, or otherwise, of stabbing political opponents with ice-picks"

"It would all depend, 'NIB'", he said, fingering the tip of his ice-pick, pursing his lips and narrowing his eyes!

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