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Saturday, 03 March 2007


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And no examiner will be confident that you are wrong if you claim the quotation "Lights! Lights!"

As my mother said on watching a recent production of Hamlet (!) "That Shakespeare is so lazy, he merely strings a whole lot of quotations together" - but he does do it to great effect.

Your Mum has a sharp ear and a good wit!

I had been looking for that 'vignette' for ages, having seen it on my daughter's school wall. Thanks for posting it.

Coincidence, my son's name is David, and my maiden name Duff!

Delighted to have been of service, Jennifer, and my compliments to your son. In fact I owe you a thank you for reminding me of Levin's excellent Shakespearean wit which I will re-publish on my blog today because amongst all the rubbish I have produced and accumulated over the years, that is one worth repeating.

Mr Levin's piece is brilliant indeed. From the first sentence, one cannot help wanting to read it all in one go. I can understand why he did not use paragraphs, they are just not needed. Genius. But then he did inspire himself from another genius, as there will ever be only one Shakespeare!
And oh, thanks for the compliment in 'repeating yourself', you've got a fair bit of wit yourself, haven't you!!?

Yes and Levin was famous for his long sentences, too. I vaguely remember one of his articles for The Times consisted of just one sentence. I owe him because he was the man who, via his enthusiastic reviews, prodded me back to enjoying theatre. As for my wit, Jennifer, not all my readers would agree!

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