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Monday, 12 March 2007


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"I see that 'Barry Bananas' failed both his 6-month Charm Course and his GCSE Eng. Lang. - I fear for that lad!"

Ah yes, very good. Because obviously I am terribly concerned that you will find me charming. Go pound sand up your asshole, you great roaring buffoon.

"I can sense NIB becoming over excited at the prospect!"

Oh yes, I'm cock-a-hoop at that idea. It's bound to be an improvement on the repetitive old bollocks you come up with!

Hmmmn! Touched a nerve there with Mr. 'Bananas', I think.

And, 'NIB', "repetitive old bollocks"! Have you ever listened to yourself?

"Have you ever listened to yourself?"

Well, you don't exactly give me a lot of material to work with, do you? It's either 'Language Commissars' or 'Archbishop Dawkins' or playing thespians up in Twickenham.

And we all used to have so much fun...

"Touched a nerve there with Mr. 'Bananas', I think."

Yet more rampant egomania from the Old Queen Duff. I couldn't give two flying fucks about you, to be honest. I'm just a masochist passing the time at your pig-ignorant hellhole of a blog.

Good luck with the show, David.

Just as long as you remembered that the real hero is Polonius.

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