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Sunday, 27 May 2007


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Lefties? Seems to be a fairly broad range of the political spectrum getting involved in this one. Not that I agree entirely with the crimewatch bit. I don't think the woman in question deserves the fame or attention. As someone said, 'Plod will get her soon enough'

Tell me David. You must get a fair amount of hate mail. I mean, you're as big an attention seeker as Rachel is...... Do you think a whole year of it, day in, day out is enough for it to send you a little mad with worry?

I have my suspicions.........

That is beyond the pale.

For someone who is tough on crime why are you blaming the victim?

Dave have a word with yourself using Rachel North as a means for a rant against liberals and lefties. Do you have no shame?

'Ill Man', "your eyes are dim they cannot see", I must assume, because nowhere did I describe the 'blog mob' as "Lefties". Instead I called them "liberals". The former are not necessarily the latter!

It is your privilege to call me "an attention-seeker" but so far I have not pushed myself to the front of a public platform and advanced my media career by supporting a political agenda.

'Zinzin', you are, according to your own account, a man of delicate sensibilities. There's nothing wrong in that, I wish I had a bit more of it myself, but it behoves you to take care when entering a rough-house like this site. I tend not to take prisoners, but then again, I never complain if anyone takes a swing at me - provided they don't litter the page with unecessary obscenities. I have said it before but it bears repeating, if you mount a political platform don't complain about the rotten veg that hits you!

I have said it before but it bears repeating, if you mount a political platform don't complain about the rotten veg that hits you!

Dave don't compare a cyber-stalker who has waged a one year hate campaign to having rotten fruit and veg thrown at you. Its an insult to our collective intelligence.

You don't like Rachel, fine, but don't go looking for piss-poor reasons to have a pop at her. Another thing don't you think your giving her too much credibility. She is just a blogger not a threat to national security.

Hmm! That's interesting. I used 'Leftie' when all you mentioned was 'Liberal'. It's ok, I'm only playing my own word association game.........Or maybe I'm so used to you bandying the term 'leftie' about that I couldn't quite believe you'd found a new epithet to play with ;)

Ah well, liberal and proud of it............

And there, yet again, 'Zinzin', you miss the point with unerring inaccuracy! She is not "just a blogger". She leads a political campaign, in furtherence of which, she hob-nobs with ministers and senior police officers and writes articles in the mainline press. That is a political platform and whilst I defend her right to mount it, I defend my right to throw rotten tomatos at her!

As to her tormenter, I hope she is caught and treated (although I doubt the efficacy of any treatment she is likely to receive from 'Murder Inc.', or the NHS, as we call it), I was only amused at the sight and sound of militant liberal bloggers forming a posse and riding out to the nearest Internet cafe to lay an ambush.

'Ill Man', I fear that Diana is over-tiring you! I carefully wrote 'liberals' with a small 'l', thus excusing those totalitarians in the 'il-Lib-non-Dem' party. Also you may be pleased to hear that I have invented a new classification of "Left Left" to guard against confusion with the 'Right Left' who should not to be confused with the 'Cameroon Left' even if they are the same thing. See, it's all about branding!

A 7/7 survivors group who you claimed were a threat to national security.


No, 'Zinzin', I was not over the top but spot on. If you try and drag MI5 and SB operatives and their chiefs away from the job in hand to face yet *another* enquiry which will change absolutely nothing whilst the terrorists carry on with their war, that is a danger to national security, or to put it another way, it places you, me and our fellow subjects at even greater risk as we go about our daily business. That, in a nutshell, is why I despise Rachel of North London and all her works. The additional fact that she is also carving a place for herself in the media world is just that little added extra that induces my nausea!

Dave. I came here from Alex's

I see that in the eyes of the neolynch mob, you are magically growing a prominent wart! Soon you will be on the run. Godspeed my son. Godspeed. On your flight for survival, be sure to avoid the straw men and bumfluff that will litter your path in the hope of triping you up.

I was brought here by a morbid curiosity to see what someone had against a person who reached out to the world quite by accident and who has not been pushing herself forward. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Your kind of hate-peddling is rather rich

Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

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