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Friday, 25 May 2007


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Brum. North of the M42. Eh?

According to my map it's north of half of the M42 and north west of the remainder. Mind you, I find everything a little hazy north of the M4!

I think secession for many and various parts of the UK is a good idea. It would, I suspect, be rather good for us "oop north". Going it alone might perhaps force us to wean ourselves off the teats of the southern cow, as it were. There is even the possibility that local culture could revive in what are at present cultural wastelands.

Deogolwulf, I have taken your point in a further post up above.

Problem solved, maestro. For some reason I thought you meant the M23. Apologies.

No apologies needed, 'Dearieme', but you really should take more water with it! The M23 runs due south to Brighton. Perhaps you meant the M25. I can't help thinking that your annual, seaside holiday must be something of an adventure, with the kids all playing 'Guess where Daddy's taking us today?'

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