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Saturday, 26 May 2007


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Well there is always this,9171,914312-1,00.html>suggestion from the Economist. (I couldn’t find the 1976 original, which was a complete laugh.)

The point of the Economists article was that the UK was economically to small to go it alone and since the Empire no longer existed there were two choices, the satirical US option or their real choice – dare I type it – an EU.

Thus the dilemma. To maintain a large economy requires at least a continental size. Which is entirely too large to mange most things effectively let alone efficiently. Think small and big at the same time.

I leave the “how to” to wisdom of you and your commenters.

Hank, I'd check my watch if 'The Economist' told me the time!

As the admirable Admiral Mahon pointed out in 1890, the British maintained their empire on the back of overwhelming sea-power. We no longer have that and so we have reverted, once again, to minor power status. Politicians, looking to 'strut their stuff' on the global stage, might wish us to try and regain part of our former influence via the EU, or even as the 51st state of the Union; but what's in it for me, and all my fellow Englishmen? Not much, is my answer, except being bossed around by a bunch of foreigners! The residents of Hong Kong and Singapore have enjoyed an unbelievable rise in their prosperity. I know the former is now part of China but the CCP has been shrewd enough to leave well alone. These small nations, whilst eschewing international status have quietly got on with their first and proper aim, to increase the well-being of their people.

Long Live the Kingdom of South Britain, and here's a health unto her Majesty!

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