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Saturday, 12 May 2007


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You've not warmed to him, then, Duffers?

A day in the life of David Duff...

1. Post a snotty and childish comment on somebody's blog.

2. Repeat until you are banned.

3. Whine about your persecution at the hands of superior-minded snobs.

I don't know what you get out of this David, but it must give you some satisfaction.

I confess, Dearieme, that his charms have, so far, eluded me.

'Ratty', what are you doing here? Your idol and hero awaits you. Don't forget your boot polish!

Well I suppose I could point out that in a recent post (here) in which you went in for somewitless Hazel Blears bashing (literally!), and then mercilessly took the censor's scissors to any comments you disapproved of. "Dishing it out and not taking it" Duff, I shall call you from now on.

And of course I could of trundled off home and written a self-satisfied post called "David Duff is a Stool", in which I accused you of rank and ridiculous hypocrisy, and being an enemy of free-speech, etc., etc., But honestly, would anyone really have cared?

Larry (and all the others who are likely to come up with the same fatuous comparison), please read the post above this.

Witness the amazing Duff sneer machine in action:

'And, no, I don't know what "state-of-the-art rhetorical weaponry, from community" means, either'

See, you had to stoop to removing the emphasis from the strap line on the unspeak site for that sneery bit of false misunderstanding to work.

But you did it - well done! Another great discussion point from David Duff. Oh why oh why don't people want to engage you in conversation? I can't imagine...

Hi there! Just to clarify, I called you a malicious dimwit because you are. My evidence for this is that a) you were malicious towards Karen from North London, which seems to be acknowledged by everybody on this blog and others except you, and b) as evidenced by your post here, you consistently fail to understand the basic points that other people are trying to make.

I suspect that these misunderstandings are at least partially deliberate, but that doesn't make you any less of a dimwit. My particular favourite was "Perhaps you high-minded fellows here could point me at anyone who does not have, as you put it, an “agenda”" as if it was clever - when that was largely the point of Steven Poole's initial post.

" were malicious towards Karen from North London"

?? Must be a new blog, in the style of 'Rachel from North London'.

Bit hard to do the righteous indignation bit if you can't even get the name right...

You know what? I realised my mistake immediately as I pressed the send button. The tragedy is, I couldn't be bothered to correct it. Thanks for the correction!

Mr. Merkur, whether I am a dimwit, malicious or not, has absolutley nothing to do with the argument. Perhaps we share the misfortune of failing to see a point! In any event, my complaint concerning Poole is that he censors me (you remember, "censors", the sort of activity that all right-thinking, ooops, sorry, Left-thinking people are supposed to abhor) for no reason except that he dislikes intensely any type of criticism whilst, at the same time, permitting comments of such childish, filthy and abysmal ignorance as would *lower* the tone of a lavatory wall.

Mr. Merkur, you and I are unlikely ever to agree on the time of day but you are welcome here any old time!

I didn't at any point claim that your malicious dimwittedness had anything to do with the argument, but at least you've confirmed your dimwittedness by failing to realise that.

The fact that you appear to take pride in both your maliciousness and your dimwittedness is fascinating, but unfortunately not fascinating enough that I'll be coming back to this blog again.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow" but if you really prefer to tread in the sort of thing that is deposited on 'Cess-Poole's' site (see above) then the door's over there and please don't slam it on your way out.

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