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Tuesday, 15 May 2007


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You've got my support David.

.........but only if you ditch all this 'PC' rubbish about the noose being a meaningful deterent to murder and simply state that the sole reason for bringing it back would be for the purposes of societal revenge.

*Collective Societal Revenge. If such a thing exists. I could just have made that term up for all I know.......

The revenge imperative is sniffed at by liberals who have either, never experienced anything to raise it, or, lack the imagination and empathy required to visualise it in others. Gradually over the centuries we have passed our desire for revenge against those who hurt us to the state who have, in turn, and predictably, cheated on the deal.

Sorry, Illman, but I do think that deterrence works, in this, as in other areas of human activity. It doesn't work at 100% but when it comes to murder I am certain that it would reduce the rate considerably.

Economists and the like have looked at the question of deterrence from time to time. They seem to reckon on about 10 murders averted per execution. On the other hand, I find most social statistics to be dubious, going on rubbish. Still, who's dead can't repeat the crime.

"Still, who's dead can't repeat the crime."

Can't argue with that!

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