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Friday, 15 June 2007


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"Oor", David, "Oor Wee Gordon Broon".

There, you'll be speaking like a "native" in no time.

'Ratty', I am happy to bow to your local knowledge but I had a half-memory of a character in a Scottish newspaper, or comic (no, I will resist the obvious!), called, I thought, 'Ur Willie'. Please correct an old man's doddering memory, if I am wrong.

Are the Broons still in the Sunday Post? I have not seen it for about sixty years.

Mr/Mrs/Ms (one has to be so careful these days!) Jones, welcome to Duff & Nonsense.

Your comment came in as I was posting mine above, so please tell me if there was, indeed, some 'Broons' in the Scottish papers. I had not realised that, I simply attempted to guy a Scots accent.

Oor Wullie was in the same paper.

Oor Wullie was in the same paper.

As an adolescent in the North of England I derived much amusement from the antics of the Broons and Oor Wullie who appeared in a Sunday Post comic strip. The paper concerned was a lively very Scottish journal with a considerable circulation in Cumberland. I believe it is still extant. I am happy to be just called Jones.

Thanks, Jones, and am I right to infer that 'Oor Wullie' and the 'Broons' were from the same strip, or did they merely share the same newspaper. I'm interested because I don't think I ever heard of the 'Broons' before, until what I thought was *my* 'witty' invention for our PM-in-waiting-and-waiting. But perhaps, as I did vaguely remember 'oor Wullie', the name 'Broon' was buried in what passes for my subconscious.

Different strip, same paper. From the same Dundee stable as The Beano, The Dandy and so on. Great source of childhood fun, all of them.

Hmmm! So the name 'Broon' which I thought was my witty original actually came from the shallow recesses of my mind. Damn!

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