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Thursday, 28 June 2007


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I know it's probably your intention David, but you're calling down a shitstorm on yourself by using the word Fenian.

For me, it's not so much an insult as a grave warning that a fist or a bottle may be hurtling in my direction - as a teenager, it was a signal that I'd be fighting or fleeing within seconds.

In using it, you're associating yourself with some of the worst elements in British society, and I don't think you'd want that.

It's not my fault, 'Ratty', if you were, and presumable still are, unfortunate enough to live in a tribal society so unsure of itself that a mere abbreviated nickname could produce violence. And don't you worry about me "associating [...] yourself with some of the worst elements in British society", no-one in their right mind would associate with me!

A post on Northern Ireland and you manage to abuse both sides. Congratulations.

Shaun Woodward is my MP would you wish that upon myself?

"Shaun Woodward is my MP would you wish that upon myself?"

Don't tempt me, 'ZinZin'!

Are Irish protestants "thick paddies" are do you think that all Irish people are fick?

'ZinZin', I have looked at your sentence from different directions and find myself forced to ask whether or not you are a Paddy?

How many directions can you look at a sentence?

Whether I am a "Paddy" or not is irrelevant.

I only asked because your sentence structure and spelling might cause a thoughtful man to suppose that you were a 'thick Mick'.

Poor grammer on my part Dave but then i don't wish cancer on those who disagree with me.

So the Irish are thick then. Thanks for that.

No probs!

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