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Monday, 25 June 2007


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Is your Collingwood RC or RG?

RG - thanks, 'DM', I have corrected the text above. Do you know of him? I suppose he was frightfully emminent but he's new to me.

JNL Myers "The English Settlements" OUP 1989. The intro includes "This more or less fortuitous circumstance led to Volume I becoming known to generations of history students as 'Collingwood and Myres'. The implication which the phrase carried, that it was a cooperative product of joint authorship, was entirely erroneous. Collingwood himself was eager to make this clear from the start. The first sentence of his preface reads 'This volume is not a work of collaboration'...". Worth a grin, I think.

Worth a gin, I think, and a large one, too, in many a common room!

I have just 'Googled' him and I quite like what I read, including this:

"However his political thought, and in particular his book The New Leviathan, have been neglected, even dismissed in some quarters."

Anything that is dismissed by contemporary academe must be worth a read.

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